Grandmother’s Perfume Tray

1/05/2013: Full Bottle Worthy Finds from 2012:


11/25/2012: Sample solutions in an old jewelry bureau that was gifted to me by a dear friend. Colored sand in a candlestick box allow the vials to stand upright for display and access. Great idea from a fellow basenoter.


Happy Thanksgiving Scent of the Day: Alexander McQueen’s Kingdom pictured below in the plastic red egg bottle. Enjoy reading  The Candy Perfume Boy’s Review and Kelly’s review at Perfume Smellin Things  about this discontinued fragrance.


On the perfume tray today: SotD: Bandit

Following Undina’s lead since I love her Perfume Portrait page, here are some images from my collection, both past and present, starting with the Queen Mother:

 The mirrored vanity tray was a gift from my mother. 

6 responses to “Grandmother’s Perfume Tray”

  1. The Candy Perfume Boy says :

    Beautiful post!

    I could stare at that big Shalimar Parfum in its purple velvet box all day. Gorgeous.

  2. reneetamara says :

    Thank you! Yes, if I had to choose just one bottle to keep among them all, I think it would be this vintage Shalimar. Opening it is like a falling into a fragrant time warp.

    Your series, Scented Lives,
    is really touching – you inspired me! I love reading about how various perfumes and scent memories create this gorgeous tapestry in peoples’ lives.

  3. Undina says :

    With pictures it’s even better than just a list.
    I see that we have at least several perfumes in common – No 19, Ta’if (though I’m still to get a full bottle). What Gottal and De Rosine are those?

    • reneetamara says :

      hi Undina, the photos on the tray do feel like I am posing the bottles for a family portrait 🙂 Some of these are older portraits, and outdated…I’ve swapped away some that are pictured, including Ta’if, which is gorgeous.

      I have two Goutals in my collection, Eau de Camille and Songes, both very different. The Rosine is Une Folie de Rose which is described as a rose chypre by Now Smell This who writes a nice review here:

      As for no. 19, she is my lifelong love and a definite soul scent for me. I’ve drained my edt bottle as you can see from the top photo and now have a vintage parfum version that I enjoy immensely.

  4. Carol Balawyder says :

    Beautiful photos. A few months ago I attended a lecture given by Denyse Beaulieu on her book The Perfume Lover: A Personal History of Scent. It was a fascinating talk about how perfumes are made.

    Here’s the Amazon blurb about her book to give you an idea:

    The Perfume Lover is a candid personal account of the process of composing a fragrance, filled with sensual scent descriptions, sexy tidbits, and historical vignettes.
    What if the most beautiful night in your life inspired a perfume?

    When Denyse Beaulieu was growing up near Montreal, perfume was forbidden in her house, spurring a childhood curiosity that became an intellectual and sensual passion. It is this passion she pursued all the way to Paris, where she now lives, and which led her to become a respected fragrance writer. But little did she know that it would also lead her to achieve a perfume lover’s wildest dream: When Denyse tells famous perfumer Betrand Duchaufour at L’Artisan Parfumeur of a sensual night spent in Seville under a blossoming orange tree, wrapped in the arms of a beautiful man, the story stirs his imagination and together they create a scent that captures the essence of that night. As their unique creative collaboration unfolds, the perfume-in-progress conjures intimate memories, leading Beaulieu to make sense of her life through scents. Throughout the book, she weaves the evocative history of perfumery into her personal journey, in an intensely passionate voice: the masters and the masterpieces, the myths and the myth-busting, down to the molecular mysteries that weld our flesh to flowers.

    Now, just to set your nostrils aquiver: Séville à l’aube is an orange blossom oriental with zesty, green and balsamic effects, with notes of petitgrain, petitgrain citronnier, orange blossom, beeswax, incense, and lavender, and is now available at fragrance outlets in the U.S.

    Thanks for following my blog. I appreciate it. I also am happy to have stumbled upon your blog.

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