Forget me Not…Victorian Mourning Pins

IMG_1606Well, we are approaching the one year anniversary of my big sister, Deborah’s passing and I thought I’d post some images of the tiny Victorian mourning pin that I have been wearing in her memory. I suppose there is not need to openly confess I am somewhat of a sentimentalist and the Victorian era practices surrounding death and bereavement resonate with me. Something as simple as pinning this sweet memento on my dress or jacket collar can provide day long comfort and is a way to honor a loved one’s memory. The pins that I own are not made of precious materials – I believe this pin is enameled base metal and quite diminutive in size – not much more than half an inch. When I saw the twin florettes, I thought that it would be appropriate imagery for my sister, my parents had just the two of us, seven years apart. IMG_1605My Day of the Dead post from last year shows the pins I have for Mom and Dad in detail. All three pins are pictured above, flanked by stones of rose quartz, which some say assist in healing the heart.

I can’t believe that nearly a year has passed since I started this blog (October 6th, 2012) and that it will be nearly a year since my sister died (November 15, 2012) I am raising my awareness to tread gently as the date approaches. Today my heart is at peace, but I learned this year is that grief presents itself like a wild and animated thing with a mind of its own. I have new respect for things that are bigger than little old me. Pausing helps. Breathing helps. Kindness helps.

So much has transpired since this blog began with the intent to memorialize mom and dad – it has opened up organically to perfume, travels, art and healing, jewelry and shoes! That is life for you!

The most unexpected thing about writing a blog for the past year has been the discovery of a rich and warm community of bloggers – also writing about topics as widely varied as art, bereavement, health and cancer treatments, shoes and fashion, photography and perfume, interracial families, poetry, naturism, the ten best of every and any thing and not to be overlooked – squirrels! Who knew? Thank you for enriching my life and I look forward to continued reading and writing alongside y’all. Who will I discover THIS year?




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Writing about death, mental illness, spirituality, art and perfume. Because beauty feeds the soul, and love is beyond what we think.

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