My Travel Scent Companions

IMG_2993Perfumeurs do it all the time – dedicate a scent to a city, using the sights, sounds, flora and fauna plus that ineffable something that defines a place. The travel post by lovely Undina, Have Atomizer – Will Travel, got me thinking about which perfumes from my collection I have taken or will take on trips this year. Invariably the destination has a huge influence on what I decide to bring along and I wondered what my fellow fragonistas fill their travel atomizers with?

When visiting my mother in a law and other members of the Cincinnati clan, I wish to be prepared for any situation and want to make a “nice” impression always, so I select my most proper, classic or conservative loves to bring along. Just this past month, I simply grabbed my bottle of Chanel no 22 for my tote bag and it served me with versatility and beauty. Other selections I considered were, not surprisingly, from the house of Chanel: No. 19 and the recent release of 1932. IMG_0638A trip close to home for me is NYC. Scents I like to wear for a trip to a museum, a stroll in Washington Square or Central Park are modern creations like Iris 39 or Rose 31 from Le Labo, or a bit provocative like the stunning Carnal Flower. IMG_1803

Nostalgie from Sonoma Scent Studios sometimes layered over a bit of Iris 39 body oil blended effortlessly in the pristine air of Taos, New Mexico and never took center stage over the smell of sage, burning wood, or the metallic, spicy taste of Red Hot Mama local wine. Nostalgie’s composition of rose, orris, amber and sandalwood fit right into the outdoor ambiance and will always be a special favorite of mine.

poboyVibrant New Orleans demands scents with a gourmand character and my scents of choice were Kus Kus, a warm yummy formula from 1843, a keynote creation from Bourbon French Perfume, Anima Dulcis by Arquiste (how can you resist indulgent chocolate loving nuns?) and of course, opulent Shalimar. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFinally, on my trip to Saugerties, a number of summers past, hubby and I visited this unique granite quarry, Opus 40, the handiwork of Harvey Fite, sculptor and quarryman. This sculpture park is breathtaking in scale and our stroll through the village of Woodstock was a definite anticlimax after spending time amongst the stones. My perfume companions for this trip were Bandit by Piguet and Rasa by Ava Luxe. Stinky Rosie Rasa won out for most of our hot sticky trip.

Which scents have you taken along on trips with you and why?

Images my own: 1. Suspension Bridge, Cincinnati, OH, 2. NYC Chelsea neighborhood, 3. Painted bench from Taos old town center, 4. Side of truck in NOLA, Bunny Matthews artist 5. Shot of Opus 40

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4 responses to “My Travel Scent Companions”

  1. Undina says :

    In the past what I took with me on trips was mostly defined by for which perfumes I had either a travel bottle or an extra sample (those were mostly mainstream perfumes back then). These days when I have atomizers 😉 I try to choose perfumes according to my mood, current preferences and circumstances. For wine trips I choose perfumes that, as I think, won’t clash with wine tasting. Usually those are notes that you normally do not expect as a part of the wine bouquet, e.g. tea – Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber. For a tropical vacation I have a set of perfumes that I think work perfectly in the hot humid weather. My main candidate on that trip is Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess.

    • reneetamara says :

      Reading your comment makes me reflect that my mood is often dictated by where I am visiting, rather than the other way around.
      I may find myself in Chicago later this autumn…any fragrance suggestions for the Windy City? I’m considering Fracas just for fun, since my Mom lived in the historic and now non existent Eleanor Club, and her memory of the lobby was that it was filled with the wafting scent of Fracas worn by so many of the young working class women in the late 1940’s.

      I haven’t tried too many Jo Malone scents, come to think of it, not sure why?

      • Undina says :

        Jo Malone isn’t widely available and has a huge range. Usually when confronted by 20+ unknown perfumes in the line-up we don’t know where to start – and do not start at all. Do you have a store nearby that carries the brand? I can send you some of them to try but I do not have enough to share for some of them which are worth trying. If I were to name just 5 Jo Malones for the first encounter, those would be: Black Vetyver Café, Blackberry & Bay, French Lime Blossom, Pomegranate Noir and Wild Fig & Cassis.
        My relatives live in Chicago and I visited it several times but for some reason I do not like that city. When I think of it in Fall, my perfume choice goes for ambers to keep me cozy and warm.

      • reneetamara says :

        Hi Undina, You are right about the Jo Malone range – I’m pretty sure the line is carried in nearby department stores, but did not know where to start exploring. Thanks for your top five – that helps!

        Chicago is where my parents met on a blind date…so it has a special attraction for me. I’ll report back about my scent adventures there later in the season.

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