Intermission: Bois de Paradis by Parfums Del Rae

IMG_0946Bois de Paradis composed by Michel Roudnitska for Parfums Del Rae opens with a sweet, juicy topnote evoking the taste of pineapple at the height of exquisite ripeness, the moment when a bite sends dribbles of nectar down your chin and you know that if you had waited a single day longer to partake, the fruit would cease being luscious and teeter over the brink of readiness into disappointing funk.

Much the way I felt about this past weekend spent at the beach at Sandy Hook National Park in New Jersey. Sun and water worshippers could not have asked the marine gods and goddesses for more sublime weather. The cloudless blanket of blue sky combined with the water and air on skin to provide a kind of fountain of youth alchemy for all present. It was the kind of carpe diem weekend where you are able to appreciate that which surrounds you, here and now, as a gift that must not be refused. The older I get, the more days like this I tend to notice. When I pay attention to those opportunities for beauty, and am smart enough to slow down, taste the ripe pineapple, bask in the sun, or make time to pick up the phone and hear the voice of a dear friend,  I consider myself lucky. Bois de Paradis is a happy scent that complements these kinds of moments.

IMG_3329So how come this scent that was birthed in San Francisco was “the One”, my apres soleil annointing of choice on this Monday morning? Because it makes me feel like this:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFruit is not all there is to Bois de Paradis. Where there is sweetness, there must be balance and that must be where the woods (is it sandalwood that I am sniffing?) and amber offer their support.

According to notes listed on luckyscent, (Citrus, French rose, blackberry, fig, spices, woods, and amber) technically there IS not pineapple in this, I’m just relaying the overall impression this beauty yields for my nose.  Perfect for extending that sensual feeling of the exotic as a new work week begins.

Hope all are having, had or will have a Happy Monday, wherever you may be in the time zone.

Some wonderful reviews of Bois de Paradis can be read at Bois de Jasmin, The Non-Blonde, , and The Scent Critic.

Images my own: digital photo, Honeysuckle from the garden, Pastel and mixed media, beach abstraction from In Reverence of Water series, digital photo: Dream

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Writing about death, mental illness, spirituality, art and perfume. Because beauty feeds the soul, and love is beyond what we think.

3 responses to “Intermission: Bois de Paradis by Parfums Del Rae”

  1. Undina says :

    Somehow I missed trying this one while the brand was still at Barneys and now I’m not sure if I will find it anywhere around at a B&M store. But in your story it sound very appealing.

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