The Dream Continues: A Living Nest

IMG_2528The girl falls down, fainting in the snow and her breathing becomes shallow. The foxes rush to the girl and surround her like a living nest of orange fur, beating hearts and warm animal breath. Slowly the girl’s own warmth is returning, the fox hearts are filling her with energy. At the same time, they open their mouths and blow a living wind that surrounds the girl.

IMG_2525The snow on the ground begins to melt, revealing deep red clay of the mother earth. Underneath, the moist mud nourishes. The girl is breathing now, long, deep steady breaths but her eyes remain closed. The foxes stand by, alert guardians as she rests. In the distance, comes the dawn.IMG_2529Carl Jung wrote that dreams are messengers from our unconscious mind. From Man and His Symbols: 

” Man, as we realize if we reflect for a moment, never perceives anything fully or comprehends anything completely…No matter what instruments he uses, at some point he reaches the edge of certainty beyond which conscious knowledge cannot pass.” (p.4)

” As a general rule, the unconscious aspect of any event is revealed to us in dreams, where it appears, not as a rational thought but as a symbolic image.” (p.5)

The above drawing represents page two from my mandala journal as I process a dream which I believe is assisting me in dealing with the multiple losses of my mother, father and sister . Page one can be found here. I am working from the base of a very vivid dream I had on Easter, following my intuition and using my imagination to carry the story forward through words and images. I will continue to post as my comfort level permits.

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Writing about death, mental illness, spirituality, art and perfume. Because beauty feeds the soul, and love is beyond what we think.

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