Laws of Attraction: What’s on your Refrigerator Door?


Our old refrigerator belonged to mom and dad and if I told you that we were using twine as a supportive mechanism for the vegetable bin and that the color scheme was seventies turquoise, you will know it served a good, long life.

The bulbs in our “old Bessie” had long been exhausted so that any midnight snack foray resembled a hit or miss spelunking expedition. When the new model was installed, my youngest son opened the door and exclaimed,There’s  light in here! Indeed, the interior was like a tiny apartment just waiting for furnishings. We were finally catching up with technology and becoming energy star efficient.

Part of the anticipation was providing a sophisticated new backdrop for our magnet collection. But no – plunk! plunk! plunk! is the sound of magnets falling from the sleek, glistening surface of stainless steel. Apparently my elementary science was long forgotten.

So now the magnets are nestled in a linear, vertical fashion up and down the few visible inches to the side of our fancy new appliance. m2At the top, in homage to my husband’s family’s dry cleaning business is the Ohio based  A One Cleaning Service. Other magnets are from Olana, the Persian estate of Hudson River painter, Frederic Church,  Sunnyside, Washington Irving’s historic estate in Sleepy Hollow New York. Below are mementos from the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Louvre, Frida Kahlo’s Retrospective exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Brooklyn Museum of Art (Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party permanent installation), Cafe du Monde, New Orleans (cafe au lait and beignets of my dreams), and Disney World, brought back by Daughter Number One. mag

photoOh, and here’s one from Andrew Wyeth’s Memory and Magic Exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the hidden gem on 17th street and Seventh Avenue: Rubin Museum of Art in NYC.
Do you collect museum and travel mementos, too? What is on your refrigerator door?

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Writing about death, mental illness, spirituality, art and perfume. Because beauty feeds the soul, and love is beyond what we think.

3 responses to “Laws of Attraction: What’s on your Refrigerator Door?”

  1. bitesizelove says :

    my favorite magnet that i have is from a trip to costa rica. we visited the sloth refuge. it was an educational and emotional experience – we were taken on a boat ride, walking tour, and ended in their rehab where they take care of injured sloths. we got to see some baby sloths, absolutely adorable! and then we got to see one of the best socialized sloths in the world. i took some video. obviously i’ll need to blog about this now! but back to the point – i got a magnet while i was there that has a picture of a sloth and reads, “slow is beautiful.”

    • reneetamara says :

      I love that reminder – slow is beautiful – what an interesting story! Yes, you definitely need to blog about this now. I happen to have one wildlife centered magnet, of a rescued wolf, from the Lakota wolf preserve, about an hour northwest of where I live. Visiting them was very emotional for me, as well. Animals manifest a special kind of wisdom that is healing to be near.

  2. Undina says :

    I’m trying really hard not to clutter my dwelling so even though I love visiting museum/gift shops wherever I go and every time I’m hopeful to find something really great, I rarely bring anything home with me.

    I have nothing on the fridge door but on the side I have a couple of magnet postcards with cats sent to me by a fellow-blogger.

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