Intermission: Guerlain’s Cuir Beluga, BFF


Soft, smooth and comforting, Cuir Beluga was given to me as a sample by a facebook fragrance friends fairy godmother. I knew I loved Iris Ganache from this line of Guerlain’s L ‘Art et la Matière, and was not at all keen to fall in love with another bank breaking scent from this expensive line. Alas, the heart has its reasons.

Before I knew it, Cuir Beluga (developed by Olivier Polge) insinuated itself into my comfort zone, and I was hooked. Like an easy friendship, this is an everyday scent with elegance, one you don’t have to think too hard about before dipping in – you know that Cuir Beluga will be a welcome companion to whatever the day may bring your way.

The opening whisper of mandarin is bright, light, and fleeting, followed by the smooth feel of soft leather, and the drydown slowly meanders into a peach fuzzy, longlasting amber. I’m so glad Cuir Beluga came my way, and am thoroughly enjoying my decant.

Together with my decant of Anima Dulcis by Arquiste, I am well equipped to handle this uber cold eastern Spring.

photo: best friend forever hubby at twenty something

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