Intermission: Walk this Way, Birthday Blues

f1Stepping into that 51 year milestone aint’ so bad with a pair of bright blue Fluevogs on your feet! They are a birthday gift  from dear hubby – the hue harmonizes with his gorgeous oil painting. f2Plump, generously cushioned soles is the best way to do heels
f4It doesn’t hurt to have an inspirational message carved into the instep…f5They even match our bright turquoise painted radiator covers. Take heart! Spring is just around the corner. Happy Monday. Wishing you a week filled with colors that put a spring into your step…f6Detail of oil painting by Tim Folzenlogen, Shoes by John Fluevog

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About reneetamara

Writing about death, mental illness, spirituality, art and perfume. Because beauty feeds the soul, and love is beyond what we think.

5 responses to “Intermission: Walk this Way, Birthday Blues”

  1. Undina says :

    Happy birthday, dear Renee! Let this year be happy.

    I love Fluevog! I own just one pair of their shoes but mostly it’s because I do not have a store around that carries the line and I’m not too good at online shoes shopping. But I keep watching at least several pairs on their website.

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