Winter Retreat 2013: The Sights of Abiquiu

IMG_1941I’ve wanted to visit Georgia O’Keefe’s home, museum and the surrounding areas since I was seventeen. When I discovered that the house tour during low season was $100 per person, after feeling sorry for myself for a few minutes, I chose to let go of that desire. Instead, my sensible artist husband encouraged me by saying that I could have more of a “core” experience by visiting Abiquiu and viewing first hand the landscape that inspired the paintings which moved me so. Sounded good to me. The best things i n life are free, as they say. So we went. I was enraptured by the changing foliage as we traveled up and down the mountains on the road from Taos, over the Rio Grande and towards Taos. The unfamiliar palette of rosy browns, purples, pinks, greys and blues, layered upon one another in an endless shift of variety. The sparse bushes were animalic and seemed filled with spirit. IMG_1954We drove up the hill past Georgia O’Keefe’s home and beyond, and found this church at the top of the mountain. Beneath our feet was the vibrantly hued  mud and patches of snow. I saw a powdering of lavender beneath what I believe is a juniper bush?IMG_1961Retreating down a fork in the road, we found a small gathering of homes and some abandoned structures, like this empty beauty:IMG_1997The building most infused with vitality, not surprisingly, was the church.IMG_1994Other signs of life appeared as these feral cats jumped from the garbage cans and viewed us with mild disdain as they struck their elegant god like poses.IMG_2009

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Writing about death, mental illness, spirituality, art and perfume. Because beauty feeds the soul, and love is beyond what we think.

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