Tucked away for twenty years, Fujimusume

IMG_1566Twenty years ago this month, when my daughter was born, we received a beautiful traditional Japanese doll in a kimono as a gift from her Japanese grandparents all the way from Niigata. Snow country. Not long afterwards, my father tucked this treasure away for us for safe keeping. Today, in preparation for the holidays, something inspired me to bring her out.


IMG_1568Protected from sunlight, extreme dust, this was carefully packed with string, bubble wrap, plastic and cardboard. IMG_1569

It was rather emotional as I cut the twine and loosened the knots tied by my father’s hand and quite dramatic when the brilliant colors peeped through the wrappings.

IMG_1570The doll’s sweet face…

IMG_1572Beatifully painted kimono, fabrics and flowers…


And here she is, finally joining us for the holiday season.

Update: Seeking the distinctive purple flower and painted hat, I believe that this doll represents Fujimusume, or Wisteria Maiden, with origins in Kabuki theater.

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Writing about death, mental illness, spirituality, art and perfume. Because beauty feeds the soul, and love is beyond what we think.

4 responses to “Tucked away for twenty years, Fujimusume”

  1. Undina says :

    Why was it hidden away for that long? So not only your dauchter didn’t get to play with it (I’m not sure if that was ever intended as a toy) but she hasn’t even seen the gift all these years?

    • reneetamara says :

      hmmm…well, we were moving around quite a bit and frankly did not have the space to do it justice and with three babies born one after the other, our household was not too Fujimusume friendly … also, we would have missed the magic of the unveiling happening right now. Sometimes things just unfold that way.

      • Undina says :

        I see…Well, I’m glad it worked out for your family. I’m just not a big fan of “saving for later/more appropriate time.” Probably because I grew up in the country where it was a common mindset: use today, for yourself, something old and worn out and save something good and new either for guests or “for later.”

      • reneetamara says :

        I admit that I am shifting to the mindset you describe of not waiting , but rather enjoying those special luxuries. Life is short. Bring out the treasures 🙂 to savor and appreciate.

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