Intermission: Mom’s Vintage Hats #5 Satin Rainbow Pillbox

IMG_1553Here come more of Mom’s Vintage hats. Number five is a creation by Evelyn Varon.

IMG_1549All I know about Evelyn Varon is that she was a French milliner whose work was popular for decades and whose designs were marketed under various labels in the USA. I do not know if this hat was originally my mother’s or my grandmother’s, who also loved to wear stylish hats. This is an old photograph of her taken during the summer of 1924. Her name was Catherine.


I could see her sporting this multicolored, diminutive pillbox hat: IMG_1550

At least I think it is categorized as a pillbox due to the way it would sit on your head. It is also a bit turbanesque in nature and has those beautiful satiny ribbons of color that I have also seen described as “origami.” IMG_1551

I don’t recall seeing Mom wear this one; however, I have a silly photo of Dad modeling it from that one afternoon, mere weeks before he passed. We were digging through the closet together, me doing the digging and he doing the beholding. He was trying to make me smile by putting on these hats for me. So he looks rather tired and emaciated, but know that this was a very good and fun afternoon of reminiscence and play for both of us. IMG_1013

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