Fox Demon

Fox News god 2Fox Demon, gouache painting on paper, Miho Watabe, 2011, Artist’s comments:

In Himalayan art, there are many depictions of wrathful deities standing in powerful angry poses. As demonic as they seem, these deities are actually wrathful protectors who focus on protecting humanity. My Himalayan “demon” embodies the Fox News Channel and is an over excited wrathful protector that it is stomping on the human figure under its feet to “protect” him from looking into the unbroken mirror, a traditional Himalayan symbol of truth.

The Fox News Demon feels that it knows what is best for humanity and therefore will resort to anything to protect it, this includes the destruction of the gold lined mirror that is shattered by it’s right foot.

The Modern Day Skull Necklaces and Crown

In place of the ornamental skulls that are usually tied around wrathful Himalayan deities’ necks, the Fox News Demon wears the heads of it’s correspondents, hosts, and supporters. Mike Huckabee, Rob Blagojevich, Greta Van Susteren, a Tea Party member, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh are among the heads on the necklace. Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly make up the crown on the Demon’s own head.

The Stance

Intentions and emotions of Himalayan gods and deities are not only represented in objects but also in their stance. The mount stance that the Fox demon is assuming over the human represents the demon’s ego and superiority. Usually this stance is portrayed with a corpse under the deity’s feet.

The Human

The Human supports (and symbolizes) gay rights, Obama, and Universal Health care, each idea is written out on the armbands he wears. The human is reaching for the mirror, the symbol of truth, hoping for honest answers. Although his views align Democratic, he really is just looking for the truth.

The Lightning Bolt

A Vajra is a Himalayan symbolic weapon for wisdom and lightning. The Fox Demon holds the lightning bolt, using the power of a Vajra as a destructive force. A pattern of Vajras are on the lightning bolt and are behind the demon in the purple sphere.

The Fox News Demon is seemingly unaware of the destruction it is causing and appears self righteous in it’s role as a protector of humanity. The question is whether or not the Demon is responsible enough to have such power, and if the human appreciates the presence of the Demon.

Fox News God

note from Renee: pardon my poor quality photograph of my daughter, Miho’s painting. In the original, the colors and images are crisp and exceedingly vibrant, like her 🙂 Giclee prints available upon request or share by linking to this blog post, please.

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2 responses to “Fox Demon”

  1. reneetamara says :

    Reblogged this on Dad's American Beauty and commented:

    Although the overall intent of my blog is to remain apolitical, it seems a timely moment to reblog my daughter’s use of traditional Himalayan art motifs as social commentary…

  2. maureenspagnolo says :

    Brilliant, and creative!

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