Intermission: Berry Jam and Incense, Sacrebleu by Parfums de Nicolai

sc0008ee50Yesterday I spent the day in Sacrebleu, a singular fragrance by Parfums de Nicolai. During this time of bereavement I have felt an intuitive longing for incense, and when I find the space in a day, I have been burning Nag Champa. The sweet, unctuous aroma seems to swirl about my being and lift the sadness up and out into the stratosphere, dissipating the heaviness and making way for happy emotions.

IMG_1539Behold my little 1 ounce bottle of Sacrebleu. Call me daft, but it reminds me of a hobbit. It may be the logo which I assume is a meant to be a beaker, perhaps indicative of the chemical process that goes into crafting a fragrance, but it looks more like a cap that you might find atop an elfin or mythological woodland creature. Birgit at Olfactoria’s Travels gives a glowing review of the juice, but a thumb’s down for the bottle. About the bottle, I beg to differ, and here is why:

The squat little square shape of this smaller sized offering engenders affection. It’s probably the hobbit association. The bottle is simple, surprisingly weighty, and feels good in your hand. The label is not elegant, but  I actually like the blue colored, no nonsense font. Most importantly, the spraying mechanism is wonderful. I get a smooth, generous spritz with ease. Economy and ease of delivery matters. I appreciate that it can be found in three sizes: 30 ml, 100ml and 250 ml. The small size makes it more accessible to those of us on a budget.

When I spray this lovely on my wrist, I am met with the impression of blackberry jam, quickly supported by that wonderful “holy smoke” of incense. For me the incense is the star and satisfies my craving to hunker down for some restorative time alone. The sweet fruit in the top of Sacrebleu is an unexpected element that prevents the overall experience from being overtaken with the gravity of the deeper basenotes. Four sprays yielded a soothing aura that enveloped me all day long. I would consider this a non linear scent, as you wear it, you will notice its varied notes coming to the foreground.

IMG_0295Sacrebleu is a fragrance experience that speaks of creature comforts and captures the imagination in its originality. Though I reached for it yesterday when I wanted contemplative time alone, Sacrebleu would equally be a joy to wear when out among dear friends.

Notes from Parfums de Nicolai website are listed as follows: Top note : mandarin, red fruits Heart : carnation, tuberose, jasmine, cinnamon Base : frankincense, woody and vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, peru balm and tonka beans

Images top to bottom: New NY #9, Sharpie marker and colored pencil, Tim Folzenlogen, my bottle of Sacrebleu, Digital photo taken at the Cloisters, NYC, Renee Folzenlogen



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2 responses to “Intermission: Berry Jam and Incense, Sacrebleu by Parfums de Nicolai”

  1. Jennifer says :

    I love the smell of Nag Champa. That last image is really nice too!

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