Intermission: Mom’s vintage hats #1

I can’t help myself, I just have to post a series of photos of mom’s vintage hats. She was quite the stylish one. This is one of her more flamboyant ones, made of petals. I believe it is dated from the late fifties, possibly the early sixties.


The petals range in color from white, to blush, to pink, to scarlet and circle the brim in a glorious state of full bloom. The crown is topped with rather pointy green leaves, rendering the wearer with a convincing appearance of  living vegetation.


When you view the had from beneath, you will see a crocheted armature for the petals and leaves. It’s soft and pliable, and quite comfortable to wear, though I will not be modeling it for you any time soon.


Mom, however, looked stunning in it and in all of her hats, including those flower petal bathing caps that were popular when I was a child. All she needed were a few finishing touches to complete this look : a touch of classic red lipstick, a few pats of face powder, clip on button earrings and gloves.

IMG_1499A spritz of Houbigant Chantilly. C’est tout – voila!

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