Intermission: Midnight in Paris by Van Clef and Arpels

My fantasy right now would be to take a midnight flight to Paris, good for whatever ails you, cure for any unease of the soul. Instead I get out photos of a trip that was gifted to me six years ago, and a bottle of the perfume, gifted to me just a week ago, by a kind and generous basenoter. (of which there are a surprising number).ImageI would stay here, at the Hotel Duo, for their impeccable linens, tres chic atmosphere and perfect location in the Marais district. I would plop down my bags, put on my converse sneakers and head out towards Notre Dame, watch the people who gather there after dark, playing music, milling about, and wander over behind the cathedral and imagine I could smell whiffs of incense escaping beneath the door jam, mingling with other universally urban smells like blond tobacco, liquor and urine. I would tap my foot on point zero and make a wish. In the morning I would stroll about and pass this lady on my way for a cafe au lait and good crossiant for breakfast. ImageAs for the perfume, Midnight in Paris, by Van Clef and Arpels, it came to me by post and cheered me at the perfect moment in time. At first glance, the bottle is a round gorgeous beauty, like a reflecting ball or those rock crystal pools of light that you might see in an old  Victorian locket. On it’s belly are constellations which I imagine could be what I would see looking up at the sky from Paris in the middle of a clear night.


Katie Puckrick gives a wonderful review of this fragrance and I was gratified to see that she mentions Bulgari Black as being similar to Midnight in Paris. I agree. I also was reminded of Lolita Lempicka. Notes include tea, leather and vanilla, with a lemony topnote.  It also leaves me with the impression of almond or marzipan. Altogether a lovely, smooth and unisex fragrance. Warm, soothing and elegant. My son, who gives a consistent thumbs up to classic perfumes in my collection, immediately asked if he could have this one for himself.

As for me, on my midnight trip to Paris I will definitely be wearing a Guerlain.

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Writing about death, mental illness, spirituality, art and perfume. Because beauty feeds the soul, and love is beyond what we think.

3 responses to “Intermission: Midnight in Paris by Van Clef and Arpels”

  1. Undina says :

    I haven’t been to Paris (yet?) and somehow this isn’t one of my dreams. Most likely, I’m wrong, but I have a fear of going to France because I do not speak French at all.
    I’ve read several good reviews for this perfume and even tried it once on paper (and liked) but I need to try it on my skin one day – before it disappears from the only store around that carries the brand.

    • reneetamara says :

      As for myself I always desired to visit Paris, and once there, wept like I was coming home. Would dearly love to revisit there sometime if the stars align. I would happily endure mocking of my high school level French without complaint.

      I have a friend who dreamed of visiting Hawaii and had a remarkable experience once she set foot there. Funny how certain people may be drawn to certain geographic spots…do you have a place you feel most at home or simply must visit on your “bucket list?”

      • Undina says :

        New York and London are two of my most favorite destinations. Vienna was the first European city I’ve ever visited so it holds a special place in my heart too. There are a lot of places where I want to go (including Paris) but only Paris makes me anxious. Maybe I should try learning French…

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