Intermission: Recalling NOLA in Kus Kus perfume from Bourbon French Parfums

ImageDad grew up in the French Quarter of Shanghai, a place I have yet to visit. Last November, though, I took a trip with fellow Basenoters for a meetup in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It was like going on a blind date with a dozen other people. We had known one another online, some of us for years, but for most of us there, it would be our first face to face. We quickly found out that we were all kindred spirits. You can still read about and see pictures of the trip on the Basenotes thread. 

A scent highlight of the trip for me was an afternoon visit to Bourbon French Parfums.Last night I took out my mini roll on of Kus Kus parfum, part of the Scents of New Orleans collection. Kus Kus was  created in 1843 by the perfumerie’s original owner, August Doussan. The current owner, Mary Eleftorea Behlar,  is one of the most gracious hostess’ you would ever want to meet and greeted us with refreshments and goodie bags in the garden patio behind the shop.ImageWhen I stroked Kus Kus on my wrist last evening, I had the impression of crystallized jasmine petals dusted with brown sugar and cinnamon, lightly toasted and then drizzled with melted caramel. This is a warm, spicy scent, wonderful for the winter holidays. The morning after dry down is mildly tenacious, reading like a sweet vintage powder. Kus Kus has an old fashioned aura, and though it is something I would easily see my mother (and her mother) enjoying, I have a big strong manly friend who loves and wears it too.

I can’t find notes for Kus Kus listed anywhere, I suspect there is lily of the valley on the top, some amber in this, maybe clove or cinnamon. I have given up trying to be too precise about identifying notes. I’m not that clever, but hope you get the overall impression from my description above. The house collection features notes from local flora and fauna like sweet olive blossom, jasmine, lily of the valley and gardenia, rendering compositions that are often warm and sensual with a feel good vibe.

Right now, Bourbon French Parfums is having a 10% off special and free gift with every order through December 15th.  I enjoyed nearly every scent I sampled that afternoon, and was impressed with their line of scents marketed to the men as well.  These beauties are lovingly crafted and the sizes and prices are reasonable. Bourbon French Parfums also has a custom blending service if you would like to try a bespoke fragrance for yourself or as a gift. Highly recommended.

 Images: street views from trip to New Orleans, flowers and homemade treats provided by Mary of Bourbon French Parfums for our group.

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5 responses to “Intermission: Recalling NOLA in Kus Kus perfume from Bourbon French Parfums”

  1. Jennifer says :

    It has been almost 20 years since I have visited New Orleans. I really would love to go back now. I will have to check out the Bourbon French Parfums when I go. 🙂

    • reneetamara says :

      Last November was my first visit ever to The Big Easy and it was love at first sight. I can just imagine all the gorgeous photos you will be taking when you return there, Jennifer!

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