a rose by any other name: a sculptural book

Image“a rose by any other name”: handstitched sculptural book, weathered wood, digital images, rose petals, gold leaf , Renee Folzenlogen

In the mood to share some artwork this morning. Here is my artist statement for this piece that was part of the juried exhibit Art From Found Objects at the Monmouth Museum in 2010.


This book deals with labels and reality as referenced by the quote from Shakespeare. It explores themes of spirituality, sexuality and the tension that exists between the two. Its  physical material consists of segments of a found wooden table weathered over time. I was drawn to the way physical things are altered when exposed to time and the elements, and how both my body and soul are altered in the some manner from the mere living of life.

Structurally, the book relies on respect for the organic form of the wood and the manner in which its “pages” naturally separated as I gently ripped them from its larger form.

I chose two images for the bookʼs interior : stanzas of music from a Korean Christian hymnal that was well used during a church mission in South Korea, and a double image of roses mirroring bared breasts. The sequence of overlapping images illustrate the transition from heady, patriarchal dogmatic engagement to the state of trusting the primal, feminine wisdom rooted within the body, which is there to be accessed moment by moment.


The phrase, “…a rose by any other name…” , serves as a direct, literary mirror to the rose imagery in the body of the piece.

This rose motif, a symbol of the sacred feminine, is further developed through the use of dried rose petals on the bookʼs cover.

If I could have figured out a way to scent it with rose oil, I suppose I would have. I’ve tried using scent in a textile work, but the impression was fleeting and ephemeral.


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Writing about death, mental illness, spirituality, art and perfume. Because beauty feeds the soul, and love is beyond what we think.

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