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Today, a friend and classmate of mine graciously invited me to her home for open studio time. She generously put out a buffet of art materials, brewed a pot of tea, and the two of us set our intentions and eagerly dug in. For about three hours. It was heaven. I realized that though I was fortunate to be with power and heat during the storm, but what I was craving was space and art materials. The universe provided, through my dear friend.

For those unfamiliar with Open Studio Process, developed by Pat B. Allen, the premise is simple and generally done in a group: Step one, set an intention, Step two, make art, Step three, stand back and look, share what you wish about your process, your work and your insights. Then, as others share, simply listen. No critiquing permitted. Trust the process.

You should try it.

The above was painted in acrylic and is a study for a larger painting I have planned depicting what I visualized while witnessing my father in his final days of life. I’ve been a bit obsessed with this image, because of the significance it holds. He appeared to me as being deeply connected to the earth and its red hot molten center of energy, at the same time there was this sense of illumination, flowing out the top of his head out towards the cosmos. I understand why the medieval painters painted halos. Maybe they actually saw something like this. Or not. In any case, the vision I had was deeply comforting, made me believe that Dad was exactly where he should be on the continuum of infinity, as he lay dying. Hubby thinks he looks like a wood nymph in this painting. Which is also rather interesting.

Today would have been Dad’s 92nd birthday.

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About reneetamara

Writing about death, mental illness, spirituality, art and perfume. Because beauty feeds the soul, and love is beyond what we think.

2 responses to “Open Studio Process”

  1. Joy Lupo says :

    Hi Renee. Miss you and the family and am so enjoying reading your writings. So introspective, so talented. Anyway, this painting reminds me so much of your dad. I see sadness, anger coming out and replaced in the right corner by calm, peace and rest. Love it! We will be in Jersey over Thanksgiving week. I hope to stop by and see you all!

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