trusting the process

Woke up missing Dad a lot this morning, it has been three months and three days since he passed, here at home, at the age of 92, with me at the bedside, holding his hand. In my being, I know that the next phase of my spiritual life will be fed by lessons learned through my parents’ passing. May be silly to post this process in a blog, but at least it gets me writing, moving, acting. Trust the process. Here is a photo of Mom, at 17, Dad’s American Beauty. They were married for 60 years, and their relationship tells me much of what I need to know about life. I’ll share some of my journal excerpts from the bedside, stories, thoughts, paintings and drawings as I dig into the depths.

About reneetamara

Writing about death, mental illness, spirituality, art and perfume. Because beauty feeds the soul, and love is beyond what we think.

3 responses to “trusting the process”

  1. Elaine says :

    I love you Renee and feel the wealth of healing arising from your words in every blog page you write. Keep at it, it will make you strong and beautiful, of
    which you already are both of these things. I will support you in your process and encourage you in your words, they have such power and light and live.

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